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Privacy and Security

Date: 2017-02-20

Definition of Information Safety
Information Safety refers to applying the management procedure and safety protection technologies to various information operations, including various information system software and hardware that are used during the operations, the media for storing various information and data, and the various reports printed by printers in order to ensure the safety of the collection, processing, transmission, storage and circulation of information.

Objectives of Information Safety
• To ensure the confidentiality and privacy of taxation data and to prevent illegal use of such data.
• To ensure the usability and safety of information systems and equipment.
• To ensure the validity and continuity of information operations.

Scope of Information Safety
• Division of labor of information safety.
• Personnel management and information security education and training.
• Computer system safety management.
• Network safety management.
• System access control.
• Safety management of system development and maintenance.
• Safety management of information assets.
• Safety management of entity and environment.
• Management of sustainable operation plan.
• Information safety audit.

Information Safety Operation Procedure
The information safety operation shall be subject to the Personal Information Protection Law and relevant laws and by-laws, as well as the Internal Operation Procedures for Information Operations of the Fiscal Information Agency, MOF.

This Policy and its amendments shall be implemented after approval.

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